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Thor Laser Cutter

The Thor Laser Cutter’s speed and versatility allows for production cutting of a variety of materials, such as: Sports Twill, Felt, Suede, Leather, Vinyl, Cordura and many more.

The system uses a DXF CAD system for drawing and design input to ensure every cut is accurate, and allows us to control the power and speed from the software.

Capable of intricate functions like engraving, kiss cutting, and etching, along with standard cutting.

Eastman Eagle S125 Vacuum Table Cutter



Eastman’s static table system is capable of cutting, marking and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 in/sec (152.4 cm/sec).

It has proven itself as the go-to resource for materials like Cordura, cotton, nylon and vinyl, as well as difficult-to-cut materials such as polystrand, p-tex and fiberglass-polyester blends.

The S125 is equipped with a high-flow vacuum system to ensure optimum material hold-down for cutting. The porous surface ensures evenly dispersed vacuum flow, no matter where you are cutting. Cutting zones may be designated so that cutting occurs in one area while piece removal takes place in another.

Dukane Sonic Welder

The Dukane Sonic Welder creates a complete bond between materials by translating an AC current into mechanical vibrations that ultimately create localized heating and melting of polymer.

This process creates a durable, water-tight seal, depending on the materials used.

Ultrasonic welding typically has weld times from one-tenth to two seconds, and Dukane’s ultrasonic welding equipment can handle parts from approximately one-eighth inch diameter at high frequencies up to 12 inches square at low frequencies.

CuTex Thermal Cutter

The CuTex Thermal Cutter is an air and heat-operated strip cutting system that cuts a variety of materials such as webbing, 550 Cordura, elastics and various others.

All cuts are heat-sealed to prevent material fraying.

Cut-length is accurate because length and quantity are set by the operator to ensure exact lengths and amounts. It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.

TITAN 2 Vinyl Cutter

The TITAN 2 cutter is a vinyl plotter and cutter capable of a max cut length of 360 inches at a time.

It is perfect for cutting a variety of material thanks to its variable speed and cutting force, including adhesive vinyl, window film (such as Oracal 8300 Transparent and 8500 Translucent vinyl), hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, mask material and much more.